Welcome to this week’s edition of Wedding Experts at Home with Honey Lane where we were joined by the wonderful Lisa, the owner of Pretty Pedestals.

We see the tablescape design as the true hero of your overall wedding. It is the one destination where all of your vendors come together and really shine! And it’s the place where your guests spend the most time!

The tablescape is the receptions ambience.

But before we get into that, we wanted to share the background of Pretty Pedestals and how it came into fruition to be one of the most sought-after hire collections in Sydney. Whether you simply want to rent a few pieces to style your own, are interested in a pre-curated collection or are working with a stylist such as us, Pretty Pedestals caters to all needs at home or for your next wedding and/or event.

Meet Lisa, once an employee to the hospitality and marketing industries over many years, it wasn’t until she was on a trip to the US in 2011 where her love for intricate patterns, interesting textures and unique tableware pieces really shone and proved to be her true calling!

“We didn’t have a lot in Australia back then, in terms of tableware such as coloured glassware which I really love. So, I ended up sourcing a lot from eBay, thrift stores and from the US where they have a massive collection of table décor antiques that I had to get my hands on”

With her love for baking, she would often find herself serving up some delicious treats for her family and friends on her collection of vintage table décor, where she found the true hero of the display was in fact the cake stands and serving ware. People would often come up to her and ask her if they could borrow the items for their own events and she realised just how great of an opportunity it was to then take her personal collection and grow it into what it is today.

“This was at a time when dessert tables were really popular back in 2014, and further forward when I had my own wedding in 2016 where I desperately wanted gold cutlery to dress our dinner tables and I could not find anyone who could offer me 280 gold cutlery sets – so I bought my own. And our hire collection began to grow!”

Since then, Lisa and her team have grown the collection ever bigger introducing other elements such as linen tablecloths, linen napkins, charger plates, napkin rings, candle holders, vases, props, table runners and table numbers.

“We have grown the collection as people’s needs and trends have changed”.

In the last two or so years, Lisa explains how she has seen a huge spike in tableware for events and we absolutely couldn’t agree more with her. Once we found flowers to be the focal point of any table design, we are now finding ourselves falling in love with so many new and extraordinary ways to spice up your wedding tables with a few lovely collections climbing their way up into the industry such as Lisa’s, there is so much more on offer for us wedding planners and stylists and also and DIY bride’s out there.

We asked Lisa how her and her team are going during these current circumstances and what challenges they may be facing.

“Initially we found ourselves very focused on our clients and rescheduling their events. A lot of them moved from June and July to later months in the year such as October and November and even earlier dates in 2021 like January and February. However, with those date changes also came seasonal changes where a lot of our clients decided to redesign their wedding to suit the current climate. And that is what we are focusing on now.”

Like Lisa and her team, we are also finding ourselves adapting to this situation and we both agreed how important it is for us at a time like this to help get our clients back up on their feet and assist them all where we can.

“Although, with these postponements for some of our couples they are