There is more to Celebrants than meets the eye!

Tips on how to choose the perfect celebrant

You may not know this, but there is a huge difference between celebrants and there are so many options to choose from.

So, where do you start?

These days it doesn’t just come down to the celebrant performing the legal documentation. Rather, the celebrant becomes an integral part of setting the scene for your big day!

As Sydney wedding planners and stylists we have recently had the opportunity to chat with some of the best celebrant's in Sydney that have some useful advice that will (hopefully) make this decision less difficult to make.

Work on your brief

Sometimes it’s easier to make decisions based on what you don’t want rather than what you do want and then, think about what the style of ceremony you are going for. It is more fun, relaxed, traditional, party vibe, sentimental? You really need to be selecting that is going to suit your personalities and fit in with the overall vibe of your wedding.

Do your research & check availability

Ask your wedding planner, suppliers or venues for recommendations as they will have celebrants that they work with regularly. Do your own research of course and check out places such as The Celebrant A-List, The Celebrant Society and other wedding directories such as WedShed, The Lane and One Fine Day. Ensure you read reviews and testimonials. From here you will get a pretty good idea of what is out there. Make a list of your top 5.

Now, its time to get in touch, email or call them to check availability as many celebrants can get booked up 12-18 months in advance. This is why your Celebrant should be one of the very early major decisions in your planning process.

First impressions matter!

You have seen their online presence, now see if it carries through in real life. You and your partner can divide and conquer or one of you take the initial chats.

Speak to a few different celebrants, share what you have planned for your day and get an idea of their approach.

You will get idea how each of them operate and whether you get on. At this point you should have narrowed down to your final 2 or 3.

Time to Meet

Makes sure you have questions prepared, its quite like an interview in many ways as they will want to get to know you but make sure you get to know them too. This is where you start to form a relationship and connection with the celebrant that will assist you in your final decision.

Some couples will only meet with one celebrant and others will meet a few celebrants before making a decision. There is no right or wrong way to do it. It’s an important decision, so go about it whichever way works for you.

Ultimately, you’ve just got to trust your gut.

Here’s what the experts have to say…..

Peter Bray says:

Now it's more about how it will all come together and you both get a real feel for who is the right celebrant for you. Couples that choose me as their celebrant love how I will make their day modern, fun and meaningful. They want their day to be a reflection of who they are. That their story gets told in a way that is a reflection of who they are as individuals and as a couple. That their guests are engaged and entertained and that the ceremony sets the tone of what is to come for such an amazing day for everyone!

Peter Bray Celebrant

Allegra of married by Allegra says: