We are your celebration squad. Your creative crew of execution angels.


At Honey Lane, we offer Full Service Wedding and Event Planning and Styling, led by our founder Lara Beesley. We have produced 100s of weddings and events over the last 8 years and could not be more proud of our team and the incredible work we have produced.


We are the specialists in ‘blank canvas’/private estate weddings, however we also love working our magic in venues all around NSW.  From our headquarters on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney, our creative crew and execution angels collaborate with a carefully selected network of professionals to deliver bespoke and breathtaking events - whether just down the road or in far-off destinations such as the Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands, Central Coast or wherever our beautiful clients take us!

We cannot wait to begin our journey with you xx


Founder & Owner

Lara’s vision for Honey Lane bloomed from the bud of her own experiences. Blessed with an innate fusion of creative and organisational talents, she was renowned by friends as the go-to for navigating knot-tying terrain, and acted as chief planner and style master for many of their nuptials, as well as her own.

What started as frequent flirting soon became a passionate affair with wedding planning, and to this day Honey Lane remains infused with Lara’s whole-hearted devotion to producing wedding journeys that are hallmarks of unabashed joy.

 Into her second decade of event planning, Lara’s wealth of experience is reinforced by the talented Honey Lane styling and events staff, and complemented by a network of professionals with which she regularly collaborates.

Alannah Gatt

Event Designer & Stylist

Having studied Event Management, Alannah has always been passionate about crafting beautiful experiences but it wasn’t until she started assisting with wedding planning and styling, that she really found her groove! She’s all over the hottest new trends and ideas in event design and loves creating those WOW wedding moments that couples and their guests will remember forever.

Alannah is the design genius behind much of the work you see gracing our Instagram pages and with a bubbly personality and a love for pasta and red wine, she fits right in!

Heidi Harland

Event Planner & Stylist

Heidi's natural affinity of bringing order to the pre-wedding buzz has been with her since a child. While other children were playing with dolls and playing Mums and Dads, she was playing offices and libraries. Organising and alphabetising book collections and arranging stationary, but these days she can be found in a yoga studio. Heidi brings experience, warmth, and eye for detail.


Marketing & Business Manager

Karen brings marketing and technical know-how to the team.  She’s the business boffin who works tirelessly behind the scenes crunching numbers, scheduling, posting and updating and is passionate about creating the smoothest customer experience possible.  Having worked in the past with brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Kelloggs,  Listerine, Optus, Telstra, and Bonds amongst others, she loves the magic of taking something intangible and turning it into a reality!​



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