Wedding planning for the climate conscious couple

At Honey Lane one of our key goals when working with a couple is to truly capture their energy, their personalities and reflect the values that are important to them on their wedding day.

This year has seen climate change take centre stage on the world’s agenda like never before so it’s no wonder our couples are increasingly looking to minimize their environmental impact – and their wedding day is no exception!

So how can you create a breathtaking wedding day while still managing the amount of waste you produce? We’ve got 12 ideas to get you started!

You’re invited

Your invitations are the first taste guests will get of your wedding. They are a chance to set your colour palette, create a mood and give your friends and family a sneak peek of what is to come. Invites are also, let’s be honest, more than likely to sit stuck to the fridge until after the wedding then thrown out (or hopefully recycled!).

There is the option to go completely paperless and send out digital invites but if you’ve got your heart set on hardcopy invites (we love a beautiful hardcopy invitation here at Honey Lane!), opt for recycled paper or card. Simple!

You can also look to cut down on the number of elements within your invite suite by having just one invite card with all the key details (location, time and so on) and include a link to a wedding website for additional information such as transport options, gift registry details and accommodation nearby. Take things a step further and encourage your guests to RSVP by email in order to cut down on reply cards.

A green ceremony

When it comes to your ceremony and reception there is always going to be some waste but luckily there are ways you can make small changes to reduce waste without compromising on the aesthetics of your day.

If you’re having a drinks station before or after your ceremony, cut down on waste by choosing glass cannisters of water that guests can help themselves to and glasses instead of disposable plastics. If you’re using straws, choose the more environmentally friendly paper version or the reusable metal ones.

In hot weather, consider hiring umbrellas or parasols to cool your guests rather than buying disposable fans.

Confetti at your ceremony makes for some incredible photos but it also makes for a lot of waste if you’re using artificial confetti that contains plastics. The waste it creates has also seen many wedding venues and councils put a ban on it altogether.

Ditch the nasty stuff and instead go with biodegradable confetti or flower petals instead. Or, if you’re into DIY, we’ve seen some cute handmade confetti created from a whole punch and some dried leaves. Adorable! Not only will the environment thank you but your venue will too!

Reusable Reception

Your reception tablescape is a wonderful way to make considered changes to the status quo and demonstrate to your guests that you talk the talk when it comes to waste reduction.

A simple rule of thumb is to opt for reusable versions of the standard styling elements wherever possible. For example, if you’re going to have a wedding favor for your guests, why not come up with something they will be able to use time and again rather than throw out as soon as the night is over? Some ideas include flower seeds, coffee beans (for all you coffee snobs out there!) or organic handmade soaps.

For double the impact, why not replace your wedding favours with a flower wrapping station at the end of the night? That way you’ve giving your guests something they can take home and enjoy, and your wedding flowers aren’t going to waste.

When it comes to place cards there are fun ways you can reduce your impact. Increasingly, couples are keen to personalize their wedding menus with guest names printed at the top to eliminate the need for a place card. If you’re more of a purist and would like your guests to have their own place cards, think outside the square and opt for leaf place cards or calligraphy on timber slices.

A eco-friendly (and budget-friendly) option for your welcome sign or seating chart is to opt for a mirror with hand calligraphy rather than timber or acrylic signage. That way, when the wedding is done and dusted, you have a beautiful reusable mirror as a reminder of the day.

Flowers are a significant source of wedding waste but as with the other elements of your styling, there are steps you can take to cut down without the need to cut them out. Many florists are moving away from using flora foam which contains toxic chemicals and takes decades to break down in landfill. Instead, many are opting for chicken wire and other reusable materials to give arrangements structure.

While weddings and waste management don’t necessarily go hand in hand, with these simple tweaks, you can minimize your environmental impact and still create a day sure to wow your guests!

One of the most simple tweaks you can make to your reception styling is to hire items instead of buying them, therefore ensuring they can be used again and again rather than just for one wedding.

And if you’re one of our Honey Lane couples, you’re in luck!

All our couples have access to our entire styling collection free of charge. From tealight candle holders to easels, signing sets to timber arches, we’re got a warehouse overflowing with styling items that we can incorporate into your big day.