Welcoming Lara’s dear friend Karen from Quincy Lane. Karen is a wonderful friend of Lara’s and has worked on many of Lara’s personal cakes and worked with many of her clients. Karen has also worked with some amazing brands, including Samantha Wills and Mimco.

She is a cake baker extraordinaire!

A little about Karen…..

Karen is a qualified Chef by trade for over 22 years, she started Quincy Lane 6 years ago after she had kids, as a lot of Mums do as they can work around their children. She began baking meringues and biscuits for friends and went from baking for her friends to where she is now and she continues to grow.

Lara has tasted many of her cakes and biscuits and they are all totally delicious.

Image: Quincy Lane

Explain what you attribute your growth to your Instagram profile today?

Karen has achieved such a strong growth since the beginning of her business and puts this predominately down to a lot of time spent networking and building on fusing strong relationships with her clients, collaborating with friends and brands and putting her name out there in the market.

A lot has changed in the social’s over 6 years and Karen has spent her time always working on solid content, is helps when you have such great visual content to work with. The cakes speak for themselves!

Lets talk “The Wedding Cake”

When talking to clients Lara explains that a lot of people will say that they don’t like or eat cake, yet it is still a traditional part of the wedding celebration and it can be a huge styling piece on the day.

What do you say to clients if they say the cake is not that important to them?

Karen’s research finds that the wedding cake goes back to roman times and signifies good luck and fertility and has always been an element that is to be considered for the wedding day.

“An event without a cake is just a meeting”

The cake is a massive focal point, it doesn’t need to be huge….. its a beautiful tradition. Lets face it everyone likes some sort of cake!

From a styling perspective, Lara adds that the cake is on display from early on in the day and should be cohesive with the rest of the vibe and style of the wedding, it tells a story combined with the rest of the overall look.

There are so many styles of cake maker - where do you see yourself from a style perspective?

Generally, Karen's style is quite non-traditional and she doesn’t really make the larger 6 tier wedding cakes, more smaller cakes. Her style is very pretty pink, mostly with soft pastels and whites, she loves fresh florals and uses textural butter cream in many of her amazing creations.

Image: Quincy Lane

What do you think the trend is for cakes next season?

Still sticking with pastels, whites, textured butter cream and ganache, fresh florals and beautiful sugar florals. Sugar florals are beautiful and are definitely a specialized technique as there is a lot of work involved with these.

Lara asks Karen her thoughts on supermarket cake verses handmade?