Last Thursday evening at 5pm we embarked on a new project of Honey Lane Events. One that has definitely been on the books for a little while now and we have finally taken the plunge and found the time to establish our very first Instagram LIVE series.

Welcome to Wedding Experts at Home with Honey Lane.

Where we sit down weekly with one of our dearest industry friends on our Instagram @honeylaneevents LIVE and have a chat about all things life, work and it who shall not be named... (i.e. this crazy pandemic!).

First up, the ever so friendly and extremely talented Maddy Falvey from Elleboré Florals.

Image via Maddy’s Instagram @ellebore

We first met Maddy a few years ago now and let me tell you … it was love at first sight! From then, we have worked on a number of fabulous events together where she has created some epic flowers for our beautiful brides and grooms including this gorgeous floral chandelier masterpiece – the perfect touch to Sarah and Josh’s wedding ceremony at Bendooley – The Stables.

Image captured by Samantha Heather Photography

So first up, we asked Maddy how things are going for her and her business at Elleboré.

What used to be non-existent Maddy exclaims, she is starting to enjoy life on the weekends with her family. Of course, it is a challenging and a really tough time in the industry especially for florists who are facing such weird and challenging times, Maddy feels excited for what is to come in 2021. Thankfully, all of her amazing clients have postponed and not one has cancelled which has left her ecstatic and still finding a reason to keep that creative mind flowing day to day.

Although she feels privileged for the postponements in place, there are many challenges that come with it – and we couldn’t agree more! What this means is that the initial flowers chosen for a particular season may need to change in response to the new date. Like Maddy, one thing that we are all facing at the moment is an extremely busy 2021.

“2021 is going to be an absolute cracking year!” she states.

Maddy explains that dates are booking out fast and she cannot stress how important it is to reach out to the vendors who you have been keeping an eye on and get your date locked in.

“Try not to delay booking in your suppliers and vendors. The demand is very high right now and we cannot stress how important it is to reach out, introduce yourself and get your date locked in and we can talk details later!”


As things progress, we ask the Sydney based florist about her take on the upcoming wedding trends this wedding season of 2020 and 2021.

Maddy is currently seeing a lot of preserved florals with a boho contemporary feel to them which she personally loves. The preserved flowers are simply gorgeous, and they last which is a bonus.

Image via Maddy’s Instagram @ellebore

“I think people are also really excited to try something different such as mixing pinks with a really gorgeous bright neon red ... or any bright pop of colour for that matter which is super different, and I am all for different!”

Image via Maddy’s Instagram @ellebore

With all of that in mind, what is her take on greenery and foliage that we are also seeing a lot of currently and what it means for a smaller budget?

“Well I think the thing with the foliage question – which does come through a lot is that we still have to purchase the foliage and there are specific growers at market that don’t grow flowers and they only grow foliage. So, it is not really a case of whipping down to the bush and picking a few vines or beautiful wattle branches. These growers that we deal with have a substantial number of trees and acres of magnolia with leaves that are perfectly shaped and cleaned with a gloss or matt finish. They’re not bug eaten or full of cobwebs, but instead carefully considered and looked after like any flower would.”

Image via Maddy’s Instagram @ellebore

Maddy explains that she totally understands where people are coming from when they ask if they could just add some greenery to the overall look. Yes, you absolutely can, and yes you will still need to pay a similar amount or if not the same for it, but yes it does fill the space a little more than the same number of florals would. At the end of the day it all depends on the density of florals and the overall look you would like to achieve.

In saying that, she believes that the beautiful wispy garden vibe is definitely coming back (think English Countryside Wedding). She believes that it will be an absolute hit in the 2021 wedding season, and she is all for it!!!

Image via Maddy’s Instagram @ellebore


On the topic of trends, we found ourselves on the same page when chatting about each client and the different looks that they are loving at the moment. At Honey Lane our whole styling philosophy stems from individuality and bespoke weddings and Maddy finds herself on the same page. Honey Lane’s director Lara explains:

| “There is no point creating a beautiful Luxe Boho wedding because you think it’s ‘in right now’ if that is not you in your day to day life. We want to create a wedding that is filled with both of your personalities where your guests can walk into the space and know exactly the relationship between you and the room. It is really important to be true to your own style and not completely from what is trending right now.”

Maddy agrees and explains upon chatting with her clients about their wedding vision, she asks them to choose three things that are most important to them on their wedding day. Whether that is your entertainment, photography and flowers or it can be your wedding cars, a string quartet and the colour of your napkins. Flowers are not the priority for everybody and that is totally ok!

| “Some brides want an easy silk slip dress and others love the look of a long statement trail with a wedding ballgown. Everyone’s priorities are different, and we want to work with that from the get-go!” Maddy states.

Image via Maddy’s Instagram @ellebore


With priorities in mind, it all comes back down to your overall wedding budget. As wedding planners and stylists, upon enquiries we get this question asked a lot “how much do we budget for wedding flowers?” At the end of the day it really comes down to the age old saying – you get what you pay for!

| “Some clients will spend little to nothing on their wedding flowers and others may spend up to 50k. But to be honest, some of our most loved weddings on our Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are the weddings with the tiny floral budget. Your wedding flowers will still look beautiful either way.

I think it is less about how much you can spend and more about what are your priorities are and where can you best guide your money. Of course, a lot of it can go to florals, however others may want to spend more of it on a really cool live band or exceptional catering. Whatever it is, we can make it work!” Lara explains.

Maddy agrees and continues to add;

| “Absolutely! I always suggest and recommend ways we can create those WOW floral moments as opposed to filling every gap in the room with flowers. We want to blow your guests away with oversized statements and if that means that we need to remove the small florals from the seating chart to make it work then let’s do it!”

Lara mentions that this is truly why we do always find ourselves recommending Maddy and her work, because at the end of the day the client is at the heart of what we do and finding what works best for them does not mean our portfolio is going to look any better (which in a lot of cases it does!!) But instead, working closely with the couple and what they believe in.

Image via Maddy’s Instagram @ellebore

It was an absolute pleasure to chat with Maddy this week and we can’t wait to continue these chats with other great suppliers and vendors in the industry.

Join us on the Thursday 28th May where we sit down with Lisa from Pretty Pedestals. We can’t wait!!!

If you would like to get in touch with Maddy at Elleboré. You can reach her via her website, Instagram @ellebore or shoot her an email via

As for us, you can get in touch via Instagram @honeylaneevents, through our website, or on email, We can’t wait to hear from you!!

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