We all need A Plan B

Australia has some of the most gorgeous climate, however it can also be unpredictable at times! When planning a wedding, we need to start the conversation no matter the time or season!

And that’s where we come in! As your wedding planner and stylist, we are there when you need us most. Although we have no control over the weather forecast, we do have the ability to prepare you for rain, hail or shine.

So, what happens if it rains on your wedding day you ask? We have put together a few tips and tricks to be the most prepared for your plan B.

First Things First – Don’t Panic

From our experience, we’d say rainy weather crosses 99% of our couple’s minds in the lead up to their wedding day – and it is extremely important to have those conversations from the get-go! However, worrying what could be should not stop you from planning and styling an outdoor celebration if that’s your dream. There are ways to prepare, so embrace what could be.

A Wet Weather Plan

Pull together a wet weather plan with your planner or stylist (if you have one), or chat with your venue. You might want to consider other under cover locations onsite where you could still fulfil the look and feel you are going for despite the location.

In the case of no undercover alternatives, start chatting with a marquee supplier from day dot. You want to put your wedding date out there and chat to them about their deposit structure around wet weather back up marquees. And consider something beautiful even if you don’t think it’s necessary – you want to fall in love with your plan B too.

Think About Your Guests

Of course, you want your guests to feel comfortable on your wedding day too. A place where they can relax and just enjoy themselves while celebrating you! So, in the case of rain, you want to prepare them.

Say you choose to keep your ceremony outside no matter the weather, prepare your guests with clear umbrellas or something in theme – think about your stunning wedding photography shots!

Consider some warm blankets, hot beverages and patio heaters. With a cool evening breeze, a blanket over your guest’s lap and a warm drink in their hand will go a long way. And we are not just talking about a hot cup of tea, consider some mulled wine, chocolate mudslides and hot buttered rum – yum!