Treasured ways to incorporate your children in your wedding day

you and your partner already have children together or you already have children from a previous relationship, you will probably already be thinking of ways to include them in your special day and finding special moments to make them feel part of the experience.

It will get them feeling excited about the day and their future family status.

There are many ways that you can do this, depending on their age and confidence. It might be a good idea initially to ask them if they would like to have any special role in the wedding day or lead up to the day, to ensure they feel part of the journey with you.

The most classic of course is to have you little girl/s as Flower Girl. They will love dressing up and walking down the aisle with their Mum. Likewise, for the boys, Ring Bearer is a great way to give the boys a responsibility.

Image: Feather and Birch Photography

Image: Feather and Birch Photography

If they are a little older, more official roles would be Maid of Honour or Groomsman, these are a perfect way to incorporate the children into the day and the lead up to the event.

Include the children in your vows and put together thoughtful and touching comments to make sure they feel part of the experience with you both and part of your future together.

Image: Thomas Gallane