The Calm Before the Perfect Storm -Vanessa & Michael -

When the world came to a sudden halt last year and schedules were slowly progressing, there was one couple of ours who insisted they were sticking with their original plan and of course it was important for us to stick by their side along the way.

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Vanessa and Michael first approached Honey Lane back in the latter end of 2019, and we jumped on board as their full wedding planners and stylists right away. It was all systems go from this point on and everything was coming along so beautifully and at ease.

Lara, the owner and lead events planner of Honey Lane was looking after their wedding planning. From the dress, invitations, entertainment, hair and make-up to the on the day co-ordination and run sheet. Vanessa and Michael were ticking the boxes with efficient consideration.

Image captured by Story Tellers Wedding Collective

Alannah (me!), Honey Lane’s event designer and stylist worked with Vanessa and Michael on their wedding styling. We went for an Understated Elegant Romance with a bold twist. Introducing rich Autumn tones of peach, apricot, terracotta, mustard with a subtle introduction of black. Vanessa and Michael really wanted to leave a lasting impression on the styling and having been guided by their chic taste in style and swift decisions – I must admit it came together so beautifully!

Image captured by Story Tellers Wedding Collective

With all of that in mind, the world changed, and our Brides and Grooms had to make a hard and confronting decision. When it came to Vanessa and Michael, their guest numbers were always sitting below 50 and no matter the rules and regulations they just wanted to enter the new year as husband and wife, and that they did!

But it wasn’t easy! Only 2 months out from the wedding Vanessa and Michael made the difficult decision to change their venue. Albeit Gunners Barracks were available and happy to help! Gunners Barracks being one of Vanessa and Michael’s first choices (it was a win win scenario!)

While this experience is a story we could tell, we thought we would leave it over to the wonderful Bride and Groom who were so calm and gracious throughout this whole experience and what it was like getting married during a pandemic.

The Venue …

"Finding our wedding venue was an interesting process. We initially did not plan on getting married at Gunners Barracks. But once COVID hit, we unfortunately had some problems with the original wedding venue and needed to make a quick decision. It was a hard call to make, but Michael and I decided to change venues just 2 months out from the wedding date!"

"Guest capacity was never an issue for us when looking for a new venue, since we always