Why plants are the perfect Styling Solution

Go Green! Our how-to guide for styling your wedding with plants

There’s something about indoor plants that adds energy to a room. Maybe it’s their magical air purifying powers. Or the way they make us feel like we’re bringing a slice of the outdoors in. Or maybe it taps into our innate need to love, nurture and care for something other than ourselves (wow, so deep!).

Whatever the reason, indoor plants are trending big time and while styling your home with plants is nothing new, styling your wedding or event with plants is an emerging trend that’s definitely gaining momentum.

Now we’re not suggesting you use plants instead of florals for your wedding or event. You don’t have to choose!

What we are saying is that potted plants can complement florals as an affordable way to transform your event space, make an area feel cosier and add a pop of green to even the drabbest of rooms. So let’s look at the benefits of using plants in your wedding design and how you can style them so they look like they were born to be there, rather than sticking out like a sore (green) thumb.

There’s a plant for every occasion

One of the stand out advantages of potted plants is that no matter the style or atmosphere you’re looking to create for your wedding or event, there’s a plant to fit the bill.

Channelling contemporary, minimalist vibes for your wedding day? Opt for a giant birds of paradise, fiddle leaf fig or a gorgeous rubber plant.

Prefer a more tropical look with a beachy bride aesthetic? Try monstera plant or golden cane palm.

Want to go full boho babe complete with cactuses and succulents? Do it!

Whatever your style, there is a plant out there to suit.