Say Hi to Heidi- Event Planner & Stylist

We are excited to introduce Heidi to the Honey Lane Team.

You may have seen Heidi behind the scenes working her magic styling our events each weekend. Heidi now joins us in the studio where her amazing event planning and styling skills really shine. Her experience, warmth, and eye for detail are already being loved by our clients, and venues we work with.

Getting to know Heidi

Q: When did you first know you had a knack for being super organised? A: When I was little and all the other children were playing with dolls and playing Mums and Dads, I was playing offices and libraries. Organising and alphabetising my book collection and arranging my stationary! Q: What is something people might find surprising about you? A: I used to sing back in the UK in pubs and on stage. I would love to be able to reignite my passion for singing and to perform somewhere one day! Q: What is your favourite place in the world? A: Oooh that is a hard one. So many places in the world but would have to say that Chania in Crete is probably one of my favourite places. It’s a charming city with an amazing Venetian harbour in the Northwest coast of Crete. It has the most idyllic narrow streets and waterfront restaurants and bars. Very romantic! Q: What caught your eye on Instagram this week? A:  There have been some amazing florals on Insta this week but what I really liked was the post on “The Lane” the wedding stationery by Lost Boys. Their work is simply stunning, creating a nostalgic feel that conjures up the essence of romance. There is a range that reminds me of vintage love letters!

As for us, you can get in touch via Instagram @honeylaneevents, through our website, or on email, We can’t wait to hear from you!!