Lighting the Way

How you can use lighting to set the mood for your wedding.

Part art, part science, atmosphere and mood are two of the intangible elements of styling a wedding that can completely make or break the day. Before you panic, hear me out!

While many different parts of a wedding contribute to the mood and atmosphere, lighting is one of the most fundamental. Get that right and you’re on track to creating whatever mood you want for your guests, be it a sense of soft, whimsical romance, a feeling relaxed refinement or a vibe that screams ‘let’s get this party started!’.

Whatever atmosphere you’re looking to create for your wedding day, here we shine a light (pun intended!) on how you can get just the mood you’re after.

One Space, Two Moods

Event lighting works in two ways. It changes what you see which, in turn, changes what you and your guests feel.

The perfect way to illustrate this is by showcasing two weddings we’ve designed and styled at Cell Block Theatre at the National Art School.

The space itself is what we call a ‘blank canvas venue’ meaning we as stylists have to bring in absolutely all the styling elements required for the wedding. Tables, chairs, cutlery, crockery, linen, you name it, we have to source it. That also includes… lighting!

When the Honey Lane team first do a site visit for an event, chances are it is going to be during the day and it’s not going to be set up for a wedding. This was the case when we first visited Cell Block Theatre. Not much to see, right?!

What we did see though was huge potential to use lighting to highlight the beautiful sandstone walls, draw attention to the height of the ceilings, add depth and build a sense of occasion within the space.

For both weddings we designed the lighting to reflect the couples’ brief and create the look and feel they were after. For Thulasi and Raz it was a sense of warm, moody romance with gold uplights and a soft fairy light canopy to draw the eye up.

Credit: Translucent Photography

Our couple Jenny and Naish on the other hand, wanted a sense of cool elegance and opulence, bringing in the purples from their colour palette. For this we brought in statement chandeliers and a mix of cool and warm lights.

Credit: Lauren Campbell

There’s A LOT more research, planning and logistical work that goes into lighting design behind the scenes but you get the idea! Same space, two completely different moods, largely due to the lighting.