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When a client mentions linen during their first styling consultation, our eyes immediately light up like its Christmas morning! Nothing makes us happier than adding a contrast of texture to the table setting, and what no better way to do it than with a pure and organic linen tablecloth that drapes over the table beautifully. Or a napkin; folded, knotted, twisted, dropped, twirled ... you get the point, right?

We always had an eye for what we were looking for in linen, and Simmons Linen Hire based in Melbourne does not disappoint! When we received our first batch of linen we were over the moon with the quality. Of course, we are wedding stylists based in Sydney but the easy deliver and packing process is fantastic. We have been working with these guys for well over a year now and we want to introduce them to you too, so we sat down with Lara to ask her a few questions about the business …

Here’s Lara …

Q: What is the most popular colour and fabric?

A: Our most popular colour would be our Soft Grey Weave although we have had it for some time now it still remains the number one seller with our Pebble Weave coming in a close second. Our most popular fabric would be our Weave range as it is super soft, textured and drapes beautifully.

Q: What made you get into this business?

A: I have a real passion for fabrics, colour, texture and surface design so naturally I was already drawn into this field. I come from a background of Sales and Marketing in hospitality and also a creative background in fine jewellery. However, I had a yearning to get back to hospitality/ events. Fortunately for me, my husband was running the family Linen Hire business and I decided to enter the business in 2014. I found I could fulfil my creative side working with lots of fabrics and designs. So together, we have worked really hard to stay ahead of the curve, bring in brand new products never seen before and become market leaders in our field. Plus coming up with and sourcing new fabric collections is loads of fun. PS. Did you know we were the first company in Australia to have Soft Grey Weave tablecloths.

Q: What do you think will be the upcoming colour trend of Spring weddings in 2021?

A: There will always be a place for the classic colour palette of white, blush and soft greys however we are seeing our couples want to take more risks and bring colour into their wedding experience.

There is a real push towards stronger bold colours such as various tones of oceanic teals and navy or woodland greens. Also, brighter accents such as tangerines, yellows, and magenta. We are seeing our clients wanting to add a sense of pop and fun which can be applied by adding an element such as a bright colour napkin.

Keeping the sense of fun and pretty, pastels will also have a place, however, leaning towards softer tones with a pop. Think soft lilac or sky blue paired with a pop of sunshine yellow, creating a harmonious but fun colour palette. Bring some gorgeous florals into the mix and you have a table setting winner.

Another trend which is still strong and will continue is the botanical theme. Taking in a sense of mother earth and nature has a lot of connection for people today and they are wanting to bring that into their wedding day as well. We have a beautiful botanical range and can be paired with bases of neutral earthy palettes such as our Pebble, Natural, Ivory weaves. Tied in with our vintage cotton range which has a large variety of colours available.

Q: What is the process like from sending the linen out to it returning back to you?

A: We try to keep things really simple and have put together an easy and refined process. We are told by our client’s time and time again, how cost effective our delivery rates are and how easy the process has been to send and receive our products. We find ourselves sending items from the top of Port Douglas to the most remote wineries in the Hunter Valley down to the bottom of Tassie and back again. We have been doing this for so long, it feels like second nature. I guess the biggest question we get asked from would-be brides is “Do I need to wash them post event”. The simple answer is, No. We send everything 100% quality checked by our team in the warehouse. You receive the linen in either a supplied bag or box. Post event the linen needs to be returned back into the supplied box or bag to be sent back to us. We take care of the rest. Easy right?

Q: Who is your biggest client in the industry?

A: We have one of the largest collections of linen in the country and our client base covers everything from dinner for two to Galas for over 1000 people. So we have a very broad range of clientele being Corporate, Weddings, Christenings, Media, Production Agencies etc, in saying that our wedding business is emerging as one of the strongest aspects of this and our client base increases each year to supply beautiful linen for weddings.

Q: How table linen can change the room?

A: When selecting your linen, we take into account all components of the wedding / event. We will ask you all sorts of questions and you may think, what's this got to do with a tablecloth? It has everything to do with it! Out of all the styling items you will select for your big day, the tablecloth is the one item that is on the table the entire night, so it has a big impact. The linen you select will completely transform a space and it’s also one of the most affordable styling options to add when pulling together a wedding.

We will go through a number of things with you including:

· What look and style you are trying to achieve;

· Your colour palette;

· Other styling elements you might be using such as cutlery, glassware, chairs;

· The type of venue space;

· Also, the floorplan set up;

Every element needs to work with each other, so it is important they all have a balance and complement each other. We are experts in our field and want to ensure you have exactly what you need to transform your tables into the perfect wedding reception. Something yourself, your partner and all your guests will be able to enjoy and remember for years to come.

If you would like to get in touch, go and check them out through the links below We love working with Simmons on our wedding designs - get in touch to chat about your wedding today! hello@honeylane.com.au

· Instagram @simmonslinenhire

· email info@linenhiredi.com.au

· website www.simmonslinenhire.com.au

Reference: Images are from Simmonslinenhire Instagram. - please refer to individual images for all credits.

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