How to Give Your Wedding Soul

Millennials get a whole lot of flak. From social media use to finances to brunching habits, there always seems to be a Baby Boomer just around the corner ready with an eye roll.

But what they’re not so quick to point out is that Millennials are a complex and incredibly altruistic bunch!

Credit: Photographer: The Robertson Photography

We care about our legacy and what’s going on in the world around us. We’ve got collective social responsibly in spades!

So while our parents’ generation may have been content with a wedding that looked good on the surface, couples now want their wedding day to reflect them and their values on a deeper level. They want to create an experience that is meaningful and authentic for them and their guests and has a positive overall impact along the way.

That’s what gives a wedding soul and that’s what Millennial couples can’t get enough of!

So how can you incorporate your ‘big picture’ values into your wedding day while also juggling the 10,000 other things you have to plan?

Good news is, it’s much easier than you would imagine…

Go Green

If you think that when our parents were growing up, recycling wasn’t even a ‘thing’, it’s clear to see just how far we’ve come with our environmental awareness and how much more mindful we are about the impact our actions have on the planet.

Sustainability and waste reduction are ingrained in our DNA and so it’s only natural that couples would want to ‘go green’ on their wedding day. And there so many really simple ways you can do this!

Cut out the need for a place card by personalising each menu with the guest’s name at the top.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to buy everything for your wedding from scratch!

At Honey Lane we have an extensive styling collection containing everything from candles to easels, signing tables to wishing wells. Not only can hire items be reused but they also mean you’re not stuck with 200 tealight candles you’re never going to use again!