You could say the last year has proven to be somewhat difficult for a lot of us. As Sydney based wedding planners and stylists, we found ourselves in one of the most affected industries during this pandemic but held onto hope ... always! If this year has taught us anything it was that we absolutely LOVE what we do and with some unusual downtime this silly season we couldn’t help but get back on-site one more time and put on a feast for YOU!

We bring to you The Ultimate Long Lunch Giveaway!

Now you may have already seen some of these gorgeous images floating around on our Instagram page. I am here to show you how all of this magic came together.

First things first: The Venue (aka The Charleston)

We knew exactly what we wanted when we decided to put on this lunch. And after a quick team brainstorm, we put together a small list of key words to work towards.


With all of that in mind, the search officially began, and we feel so lucky that we found The Charleston. Nestled in the heart of Glebe, The Charleston is an ode to the beautiful colours and flavours of South Carolina. The interior reflects modern Southern-living and is reminiscent of Charleston’s historic waterfront and pastel-coloured homes.

Image via The Charleston

Image via The Charleston

Image via The Charleston

The food was one thing but wait until you see these walls. It is safe to say I have fallen back in love with the colour PINK! The space was so refreshing to work in and provided so much personality to the overall look – we just knew that it was perfect from the get-go!