Entertaining Like a Stylist

We were lucky enough to have guest writer and owner, Sally from HELICONIA join Lara and talk about how to make your entertaining at home exciting and special.

Here's what they talked about...

We’re all spending WAY more time at home at the moment, and while many of us are itching at any opportunity to get out and about while we still can (in some States at least), sometimes even special occasions and catch-ups with friends and family are best done in the home. Perhaps it’s because there’s a vulnerable person in the group, or perhaps it’s just because getting a reservation isn’t going to work - whatever the reason, entertaining at home is rapidly becoming more of a regular fixture than ever. And it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon.

But, don’t despair! Don’t stare longingly into the ‘nice section’ of your wardrobe and declare your sartorial treasures useless. Don’t just throw the Uggs on the feet, the snags on the bbq and the coleslaw mix in the bowl (although that is totally ok sometimes too).

Believe us when we say, entertaining at home can still be really exciting and special! Sensational even! You can still get your fun fix, try new cuisines, wear snazzy outfits, enjoy a great venue-vibe and support a local business or two at the same time.

Heliconia: OK, time to get excited about dinner at home! Let’s start with the interiors (surprise surprise!). What are some tips for turning the same old four walls into something fresh and exciting?

Lara: Well you want to start with a nice, clear space. This may very well be your dining room if you are having a small number of guests. However if you are having say 20, you might need to pick a room where you are able to clear some furniture such as a lounge room, an outdoor deck or even a pool house! It’s then all about laying all of the styling and practical pieces you will need to create a beautiful space for a celebration.

Heliconia: The word “tablescape" is fabulous. What does it mean and how do I get one?

Lara: (laughs) A tablescape is simply the word given to how the table settings for each guest are designed along with the additional styling items such as candles, flowers, placecards, menus and anything else your heart desires! For us at Honey Lane, the tablescape design is incredibly important as it’s the one thing that each and every one of your guests will sit down to, touch/feel and engage with. It needs to look pretty, but be practical too! There is no point in it looking amazing if your guests don’t have enough elbow room, or there isn’t enough space for sides in the middle of the table.

Heliconia: What role do colours play in event styling and what are some practical tips to use colour to optimal effect when entertaining at home? (In other words, what if all my crockery and napery is plain white… asking for a friend.)

Lara: Never fear, plain white is a great base, and there are other ways to add colour through the florals and candles. However, before you start picking colours for each of your individual items, it’s best to first start with an overall vision and to be clear on that. So you may like to collect some images on Pinterest or Instagram, and once you have a few, try to narrow them down to the ones that all showcase the same style. Those images then form your ‘moodboard’. You might find that you are loving an all white, minimalist look in which case your white items at home will work perfectly! Or, you may have more of an earthy boho vision. If that’s the case, then you might like to look into hiring a few pieces such as an Oatmeal tablecloth and Terracotta napkins to early bring your vision to life! There are lots of great tablewear hire companies such as