Emerging Trend – The Wedding Festival

The emerging trend of festival weddings is on the rise. More and more couples are looking to make their own personal mark by bringing a unique flare to their wedding day introducing touches of their own travels, favourite foods and live tunes. Many stretching their celebrations out over a whole weekend involving a more casual affair, inspired by outdoor living and festival fun.

If you are looking to break away from the sparkly and OTT wedding traditions, a festival wedding might just be for you!

So, pack your bags because we are going on an adventure to a place where you can never have enough Persian rugs in a lifetime…and we are living for it!

Image via Boho Weddings

From the Get-Go

Now you don’t want to miss a beat when it comes to styling and planning your very own ultimate festival wedding. You want to set the tone from the get-go with your wedding save the dates and invitations that reflect your overall festivities and styling. Like your favourite festivals, you will receive a number of hand drawn maps, camping facilities, checklists, and day to day schedules with all of the essential information – include it all – and of course have fun with it along the way!

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The Gown, The Suit and all in between

With the theme in mind you want to ensure you look the ultimate part, and why not bring your wedding party and wedding guests along the ride too.

Your gown will be the hero of the day! Think dainty lace details, intricate beading, long soft and sheer sleeves and ultra-low back (if you wish!) You don’t want anything to get in the way of those killer dance moves and something that will allow you to take a seat (possibly on a cushion on the floor) comfortably.

Image via One Day Bridal Image via Wedding Chicks

And if these details aren’t your thing ... you can leave it up to the shoes and other accessories to do the talking!

Left Image via Vogue France Middle Image via Mujerde Right Image via Hello May

As for your bridesmaids – perhaps something a little more relaxed and miss-matched. Pick your colour palette and let the ladies pick something well suited to them!

Of course, we cannot forget about the groom and groomsman. Think texture!!!! Linen, corduroy, khaki you name it. A neutral palette of goodness will leave the men looking as dapper as ever.

Image via Dearmshe Image via June Bug

Appealing to the Eye

Now that you have already decided against tradition in favour of something more ‘you’, it’s time to start thinking about your overall décor of the day. Think about your favourite place you have ever travelled together, your favourite street cuisine or you favourite song – draw your inspiration together on a moodboard or a Pinterest board and you will create something truly special!

Image via Green Wedding Shoes

You might like to opt for a setting less traditional where your guests have the opportunity to mingle with one another as opposed to specific seating. Think soft furnishings such as rugs, cushions, low tables, couches, high bar tables, stools, day chairs and so on!

Image via Ivy Road Photography Image via Venue Report

Under the stars or inside a marquee? You choose! But always consider the weather of course!

Flowers are a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds? Yes! But flowers, absolutely!! And go crazy!!! Steer away from your traditional whites and greens and opt for something to really catch the eye. Think bold colours, delicate pieces and dried moments. Consider large but purposeful arrangements. Something that guests can wrap up and take home with them in the evening – including yourself!

Images via Lapisdenoiva, Festival Brides, and Ivy Road

Let’s Feast

Now nothing screams festival more than an abundance of good (edit: great) food! Food is the catalyst for a good time – a conversation starter for sure. So, you want to feed your guests with some yummy and delicious goodness! Shared platters and grazing are currently a real hit. Or perhaps if you have a few pennies to spare you might like to go all out and introduce some locally sourced food trucks. Ok now I am hungry!

Image via June Bug Weddings

But First, Cocktails

Did the subtitle catch your attention? Because now I am all ears for sure! Personalise your service to suit you both. Perhaps a his or hers cocktail? Or bring in a bar cart or airstream for a fun and interactive service! You might even like to consider a buy back alcohol service that allows you to hand back any drinks that you didn’t use, that way you can over buy and not stress about ever running out!

Image via Girl Boss Bride Image via Linnea Carmen

Let there be Light

Whether you are inside or out, hanging lighting is always a crowd pleaser. Light up the sky with hanging festoons lighting or glistening fairy lights. But it doesn’t stop there! Consider some candles and even a bright neon sign that will illuminate the space beautifully.

Image via Wedding Gawker

Entertain Us!

From the wise words of Nirvana - Here we are now, entertain us! You have officially set the scene for an evening / weekend of fun, but there is one more thing to consider. Music! Whether that’s a live band, acoustic duo, guitarist, or DJ you will want someone there to bring the ultimate festival vibe!!!

Image via Honey Lane Events Image via Boozie Suzie

A Place to Sleep

Why not convince your guests to stay the entire weekend to keep those festivities going! If you have the space, prop up a number of fully furnished bell tents to keep everyone in the same place – no need for taxis and no excuse for designated drivers! On-site glamping provides the ultimate authentic experience for everyone. And you are right there to catch the action at breakfast the next morning – coffee anyone?

Image via Nouba

And last but not least ENJOY! Enjoy the less stuffy traditions and revel in the atmosphere that you created for your amazing friends and family!

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