A Tropical Summer Soirée in Heaven

Ok don’t let the title fool you, we weren’t exactly whisked away to the white clouds above but it sure did feel like it.

Let us introduce you to The Heaven Venue, a picturesque property featuring one of the most stunning tropical settings right here in Terry Hills, Sydney. Thank you to the gorgeous Beatrice and Jeremie from The Quirky, all the way from France, for these beautiful images.

The wonderful Edgar and Aurelie came to us mid-September and explained to us exactly what they were looking for.

They were fortunate enough to be celebrating their wedding twice, first back home in Europe, in the much cooler and snowy mountains of Switzerland. And second, right here in Sydney where they now live in the warm summer of December and we knew just the location for the tropical soiree. Now if you have done the maths, you would have realised that that is exactly 3 months to complete full planning and styling (crazy, huh?). But we were certainly up for the challenge and we wouldn’t have had it any other way!!!

Their vision, a vibrant and colourful tropical Australian wedding paired with rattan finishes and lots of colourful linen and florals shone throughout the day utilising rich tones of peach, fuscia, baby pink, verve orange, rich gold tones, natural and dried foliage and lots of green!!!

It was very important to them, that we used the property as best as we could and add a lot of their fun personalities and quirky nature into the overall look, feeling and vibe.

The couple chose a stunning transparent acrylic theme to run across the entirety of their signage. Two gorgeous (and extra-large) signs played the