A New Trend in Wedding Entertainment

Image Source: Duke Instagram

The topic of ‘limited dancing or mingling’ has been a huge topic of discussion of the last couple of months. Many couples are asking the question: “what do your guests do after their meal?”

The usual scenario, guests would be leaping out of their seats to throw a few moves on the dance floor! Mingling and chatting with friends and family. At present this isn’t an option, guests have to remain seated and can only leave the table to visit the bar or use the bathroom.

This is tough for most to contemplate as weddings have followed the same formula for so long. However, if this is the way weddings are going to be moving forward for the foreseeable future then why not let’s change the blueprint around this.

We recently invited the lovely Josie and Tim from Event Entertainment to our studio to have a chat around entertainment at weddings.

Lara: So, do you see the event industry changing over these times when it comes to weddings? Josie: Absolutely. A pandemic can't stand in the way of true love! Whilst Covid is still a threat in our country, many clients are rethinking the way that they celebrate, and entertainment is a huge part of that. The new trend will be to accommodate an entirely sit-down wedding, of course, and provide entertainment that keeps guests buzzing throughout with the excitement of your wedding day. Live music is definitely the best way to do this and I can't imagine a wedding during this time without great live music, actually.

Image: Event Entertainers | Duke

Lara: Do you see couples downsizing their band if guests can’t dance? What are you finding is happening currently?

Josie: Sadly, yes. Small bands and solo & duo artists will be the artists in most employ whilst the restrictions are in place. A great smal

l band will create a warm and lively atmosphere throughout and should be the perfect complement to you, your setting (venue/styling), the food and wine, and the celebratory vibes you want your guests to experience.

Lara: Are couples rethinking their music entertainment?

Josie: Luckily it's our job to do that thinking for you, haha! Any great band or great musician is absolutely going to be able to perform live music to perfectly underscore the day, regardless of whether there's a dancefloor or not. Funnily enough, during a meal is the best opportunity for you and your guests to really enjoy the musicianship of your artists. Great live music isn't just about getting people up and dancing. It comes from the work of musicians who can exercise freedom in their craft. Given the opportunity to play around musically, which is often the case in a relaxed dinner setting, a great musician will showcase their best side and you get to enjoy their best work.

Lara: How do you think we can fill the time once guests have finished eating and dancing would normally take place?

Josie: I feel as though in this pandemic period your guests are going to be even more enthused to be joining you to celebrate your wedding day. Your guests will be bubbling away with conversation...drinks will be flowing.. energy and spirits will be high. Live music can match that atmosphere in the room and will lift and engage your guests (don't be surprised if guests are applauding and cheering for "one more song" from the band!). Other alternatives you might like to consider may be to include a featured act or performance by an original artist, a comedian, a live-painter (which is very awesome, by the way!), or even a warm and lively professional MC who can confidently orchestrate a few fun games to engage your guests throughout the night. A great band + a great MC are a perfect match, actually. Highly recommended!