5 minutes with Moira Hughes Couture

We have recently been lucky enough to have a one to one with Moira Hughes at her flagship boutique in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

There is no doubt that Moira Hughes has become one of the best wedding dress makers in Sydney and when the moment comes to slip on your Moira Hughes gown it will be a moment to always remember.

We took the time to ask Moira some questions that we know brides want to ask. Here is our 5 minutes with Moira Hughes…..

Q: When should a bride start shopping for her gown?

A: We recommend starting a year to eight months from your wedding date. This will allow plenty of time for the bride to select exactly the gown she has dreamed of, or for a bespoke design to be created especially. All our gowns are created in our Sydney Woollahra studio so we can also work with tighter timelines depending on availability. The quickest we have ever created a custom gown is three weeks for Elysee Perry!

Q: What do you see the trends for dresses being next season?

A: At Moira Hughes Couture we like to set our own trends that suit the unique style of bride that comes to us for their wedding gown.

Moira's design aesthetic is classic, elegant and sophisticated - these never go out of style. We like our brides to be able to look at their wedding photos in years to come and still love their dress.

Our upcoming collection will enhance the feminine form with clean lines and modern features. We are also playing with colour and shades so watch this space!

Q:Will the bride need to prepare anything ready for an appointment with you?

A: We have it all under control and love to surprise our brides with a gown even better than she could imagine. Most brides will have an idea of our style and maybe a few favourite gowns from our social media as a starting point. A concept for the wedding and venue helps Moiras designs come to life.

Q: You have some stunning gowns! ….Where do you get your inspiration from when designing a gown?

A: Thank you! The inspiration comes from many places, from art, architecture or travels. Our current collection Hollywood Romance was inspired by the beautiful movie stars from a bygone era, where elegance & glamour went hand in hand. We drew on silhouettes famously worn by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. Embellished details that would be perfectly at home when the cameras start rolling.

Q: Do you offer advice on what type of dress would suit the individual?

A: Absolutely! That's what we love to do. It's very important to us that our brides feel confident and beautiful on their wedding day.

Some brides have a clear idea of what they want but most brides feel overwhelmed by the decision. This is our world and the best part of our job is often finding 'that' dress. Wedding gowns are so different to the clothes we wear everyday, that's why you need an expert on your side.

Q: Do you ever experience a “change of mind’ from any clients who decide close to the date that they don’t like their choice and want a different dress? How do you manage this?

A: Fortunately, we have never had that happen! We create all of our gowns at our Sydney studio so if the design evolves a little or we want to add a sleeve, adjust a neckline etc that is all part of the experience. Brides see their gown coming together bit by bit so we can ensure the final result is beyond perfection. There is a reason we are the highest rated boutique in Sydney!

Q: How many fittings are usually required?

A: Once our bride has selected their gown, it is a 3- 4 fitting appointment process. We work with our brides to create the dress step by step. We take care of everything and make it a fun and memorable experience. Sometimes these fittings can be combined for our interstate or international brides.

Q: How do you go about finding the perfect gown for each individual?

A: We are by appointment only and keep the whole boutique exclusively for the bride. She has the full attention of our highly trained stylists. We can take the time to find out what is important to the bride, which parts of the body to emphasise or which look she wants for the day. This way we can select a gown, combine parts of different gowns or even design something completely new, to ensure when the time comes to walk down the aisle she will remember it forever!

Q: Do you offer ready to wear gowns as well as custom made?

A: Yes, often a bride will love the design exactly as it is and so we can create it in the correct size. There are less fittings involved this way so it is a popular option for our interstate and international clients.

Q: How long do your dresses take to make?

A: Most brides are surprised how much work goes into a gown that looks so simple! With a sleek, simple gown, the beauty comes in the absolute perfect fit. There is nowhere to hide so the fabrics have to be flawless. We have a highly specialised team and sometimes every single one can be involved in the one gown, they really are a labour of love.

Ordering a gown close to a year in advance allows us to have all the fabrics and workroom prepared in advance. Then we can start fittings close to the wedding with the final one being 2-3 weeks before the date.

Q: What is a highlight from this year?

A: This year has been a huge one for us! We opened our new showroom in Woollahra, allowing us more space in the boutique and a bigger workroom. We were featured in the pages of Vogue and also had the pleasure of working with some beautiful Honey Lane brides! Honey Lane brides always have a special place in our hearts. This year we created two dresses for a bride with two international weddings and only three months notice.

We feel that Moira Hughes and Honey Lane align with our styling, design and overall vision that is captured on the day for our couples………in fact, we think we are a match made in heaven!

We love helping bride's navigate the world of wedding gowns - get in touch and let us walk you through our wedding planning services! hello@honeylane.com.au


Credits: Moria Hughs Couture Weddings

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