Unplugged Weddings!

Unplugged Weddings – Are you for or against?

Whether it’s on the bus, on a night out or in those spare 8.5 seconds you have waiting in line at the supermarket, we’re all guilty of getting totally immersed in social media from time to time. So is it any wonder more and more couples are having the ‘phones or no phones’ debate ahead of their big day?

And if you decide to go with a phone-free wedding, is it possible to enforce it without being a total party pooper?

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of the debate and give you some food for thought for your own digital dilemmas.

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No Phone Zone

Looking up from the alter after you’ve exchanged your vows and seeing a sea of iPhones is not exactly the stuff childhood dreams are made of.

No matter how good your guests are at multitasking, the fact of the matter is that if they’re focussed on getting that perfect Insta-worthy shot of the newly weds and posting rather than partying at your reception, they’re not fully immersed in the beauty and joy of the occasion.

So if you do decide you don’t want guests using their phone at your wedding, how do you get your phone-obsessed guests to play by the rules?

Firstly, you need to think about if and how you’re willing to bend the rules. For example, a phone-free ceremony is far more likely to be a success than if you put a ban on photos and social posts for the entire day. You can also meet in the middle. I’ve worked with couples who were happy for guests to take photos on their phones during the wedding but asked them to hold off on the posting until the next day.

Whatever you decide, it’s a good idea to make the rules clear so no one can say they weren’t told! A small message about phone and social media use incorporated into your Save the Dates and invites, sets the ground rules nice and early. When it comes to the day, beautifully designed signage displaying your phone-free message can not only act as a polite reminder but can also add another element to your overall styling. Win win!

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Snap Happy

A wedding should be the ultimate reflection of a couple, of who they are and the things they love so if pics and posts on the fly are your jam, then why not embrace social media and iphone photography on your wedding day?

Personalised wedding hashtags are par for the course now and can be included on your Save the Dates, invites and signage to encourage guests to get involved.

Image from Pinterest. See our Pinterest board for more inspiration

An added bonus of guests taking their own pics is that you get a much more candid snapshot (pun intended!) of your big day, and an alternative to the more formal photos taken by your photographer. Everyone wants their guests to have a great time and nothing says ‘I made the most of the free bar’ quite like a dance floor selfie that can be kept for all eternity!

Whichever side of the digital divide you fall, it’s important to have the ‘phones vs no phones’ discussion with your partner ahead of time so no matter what you go with, on the day you’re left feeling relaxed and nothing but #blessed.

Image from Pinterest. See our Pinterest board for more inspiration

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