When I first launched Honey Lane, I was a first time mum with a big vision. My goal was to be a wonderful mother and run my own business on my own terms so I could be there for my young children as much as I could. Sounds like a good plan right?? Well, to say the words "the juggle is real" is a huge understatement but when I sit back and reflect and assess, my final assessment is always the same: I would not have it any other way.

The first word I wake up to is "MUM!!". This normally yelled out at the top of her lungs by my darling youngest, Billie. By 6am every morning, my day as a stylist, event planner, designer, lunch box packer, soccer mum, teacher, mediator, nurturer...and wife, begins.

And of course, I am by no means the only one. So many of the wonderful partners and suppliers I work with are on their own journey of business ownership and motherhood. All with the same challenges and struggles. But also with the same rewards and sheer joy from being able to do what we love in both our work and family lives.

Honey Lane will soon be celebrating it's 5th birthday. I now have three beautiful children: Jordy who is 5, Lexie who is 4 and Billie who is 2. Three children later, I still love creating magic with my Honey Lane crew and am so thankful to every gorgeous client I have the pleasure of working with.

Grateful to be living this life and sharing this journey with you.

Happy Mother's Day!

Lara xx

PS - If you are a business owner and mum, I would love to hear from you! It's always lovely connecting with others and offering support in our crazy, amazing journeys together! You can contact me HERE.

Photo: Kiri McPherson

Photo: Adam Saunders (Killa Kreative)

Photo: Adam Saunders (Killa Kreative)