International Women's Day 2018

Okayyy ladies now let’s get in formation..because who runs the world, girls!!

Alright, alright..Beyonce lyrics aside..Happy International Women’s day to you, you fabulous female!

Here at Honey Lane we are a team of diverse and intelligent women who come together to run a small business and kick ass (hell yeah we do)! However we couldn’t do it alone, we need one another to grow, support and nurture our business and keep balanced (aka sane) when the peak of wedding season is on our doorstep.

So what does international women’s day mean to us? Ladies, it means we take a minute to appreciate one another! Life gets busy at times and we can forget to stop and look around at the beautiful, intelligent and strong women we have surrounding us. The bond that we carry, the sisterhood is real and powerful. So may we raise each other up and stand together side by side, not competing or comparing ourselves but instead support and celebrating each other.

We are surrounded by women in our line of work and we watch them evolve on their bridal journey from being engaged all the way through to their wedding day. We see/hear their chosen bride tribe coming together to support their bride on her journey and we feel really blessed to be a part of that.

It fills our hearts with so much joy that we thought we would share a few of our favourite photos of our brides with their significant females- mothers, sisters, aunts, bridesmaids and friends all coming together to support their bride get ready for one of the biggest life changing moments she will ever experience.

Photography Love Liz Photography

Photography Mark Jay Photography

Photography Gold Hat Photography

Photography Whisper by Ona Janzen

Photography Mathew Mead

Photography We Are Origami Photo

Photography Milton Gan

Photography Alex Marks

Photography Milton Gan

Photography Jonathan David

Photography Fiona and Bobby

Photography Thomas Gallane

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