Stationary Trends

It is important to set the style and mood of your wedding from the very first impression- your wedding invitations and rsvp cards. It's the perfect opportunity to tell your story and give them a taste of what to expect on your special day!

We have shared with you below, the three biggest trends in stationary design for 2017 (that we love!)


The biggest trend in stationary this year is made with love. There is nothing more special than receiving a hand made gift! the effort and love that goes into making things by hand never goes unnoticed. Whether it be a gorgeous water colour wash over some lovely cotton paper, a stunning hand drawn illustration, a simple bundle tied in some ribbon or beautiful hand written calligraphy ~ adding that personal touch to your wedding!


It's all about creating that overall experience for your guests at your wedding and the way to do so is through the six senses. Stationary is the perfect opportunity to awaken touch from the moment your guests receive their invitations in the mail. Imagine receiving a wedding invitation designed on beautiful linen paper, with hand written gold calligraphy and gorgeous deckled edged rsvp cards to match. Or for a modern approach; receiving a stunning yet simple letterpress invitation on a thick, cotton card.

Textures to consider: Cotton paper, linen paper/fabric, deckled edge paper, acrylic sheets, leather, timber boards, water colour paper, felt paper, letterpress and metallic foiling!


Brides are steering away from the stock standard shapes of stationary ~ long rectangular menu and invitations. It may have been a while since primary school ladies and gents but there are some pretty cool shapes you can experiment with! Try a circular die cut menu to sit in a round charger plate for an elegant look or a square or prism shaped menu for a more modern and sophisticated look!

Check out our collection of stationary ideas below that you could use for your special day!! it could be your wedding, your hens night, a baby shower, engagement party or even your birthday.

Photos: Pinterest