Jeweled Modern Elegance: Charmy & Pram 25/02/17

Charmy and Pram knew they wanted a modern and elegant wedding with an exotic Sri Lankan twist, that would wow their guests but also respect and highlight their heritage. We were so excited to receive this brief because we believe style fusion (the mix of different styles/cultures) is a fabulous ingredient for an incredible wedding!

We picked a jewel tone floral palette that would bring not only some vibrant colour but also some depth and diversity to their wedding. We then complimented these tones with accents of rose gold and brass. This added a cultural vibe to their simple and elegant tablescapes. To add in some height, texture and modern prism shapes, her reception florals were designed in our glass and brass terrariums with trailing greenery spilling out on to the tables. We did a similar but more luscious design on their bridal table, that represented an elegant and colourful garden. To compliment her terrarium shaped vases, we designed a hanging installation with our three rose gold, hexagon planters. These were hung from different heights against Jonah's feature wall and adorned in florals by their florist Jess, from Sweet Pea and Honey Bee.

With a little rain on the day, we moved the ceremony to the venue's balcony. Their florist designed a large, opulent and unstructured arrangement, featuring: lotus pods, orchids, draping amaranthus and more, to mark their alter. Overhead, there was a canopy of festoon lighting to add to the misty backdrop from the rain.

Their ceremony featured many cultural elements, such as: the white platform (Poruwa) they stood on, the cutting of a fresh coconut, the tying of their pinky fingers with gold thread and water being poured over the tied fingers from a traditional silver lamp (the water then hits the ground/earth to witness their marriage, as water and earth can not survive without one another), the offering of betel leaves and more! We love that they brought their cultural traditions in to a modern setting for their big day. Of course the traditions didn’t stop at the ceremony, as they lit a cultural lamp upon entering their reception, served traditional Sri Lankan sweets at the end of their meal and of course danced the night away to a mix of modern and Sri Lankan music.

Photography: Jonathan David

Venue: Jonah’s

Florals: Sweet Pea and Honey Bee

Cake: Cakes 2 Cupcakes

Festoon Lighting & Ceremony furniture: Harbourside Decorators

Styling & Props: Honey Lane