Floral Trends of 2017

We have created a list of the top 5 Floral Trends of 2017! And since Pantone revealed that their colour of the year for 2017 is Greenery, it was inevitable that this would be a key trend when it came to wedding flowers this year! This year, look out for:

- Statement floral entrances

- Floral installations

- Colour

- Flower crowns

- Jewel tones

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1) Statement floral entrances!

The perfect way to create maximum impact at your ceremony or wedding reception is to create a stunning statement entrance! It can work for every style of wedding and will wow your guests from the moment they arrive at your venue, immediately introducing your style and overall feel of your wedding day.

Tip: Get creative with these entrance florals! For example if there are stairs that lead your guests to your ceremony or reception, think about styling these with some beautiful greenery and pops of flora!

2) Installations

'Bring the outdoors in', this is also a big trend in 2017 following Pantone's colour of the year being 'Greenery'! Installations are a great way to create some real visual interest and create that gorgeous, fresh feel to your reception no matter what your style is! Whether you are looking to style a rustic barn or transform a modern

warehouse, you should definitely consider introducing these hanging flowers over your wedding tables.

Tip: get creative and use lighting in your installations to create some romantic ambiance over your tables!

3) Colour

Brides are going for more 'poppy' hues in 2017! Which is no surprise as colour is the BIG trend for 2017, going bigger and bolder! so don't be afraid of embracing colour in your florals!

3) Flower crowns:

Flower crowns are not just for those boho brides out there! If refined and simple they can portray timeless elegance or if they are a bit more wild and free they can create a little rustic romance!

4) Jewel Tones

Blush tones have been done ALOT and rightfully so as it is a beautiful representation of romance! However this year we are noticing brides are using more jewel tone colours like Magenta and Plum as there preferred colour palette (perfect for those colder months!)

Tip: Jewel tones go hand in hand with gorgeous blush hues so this stunning colour is not going anywhere anytime soon!

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