Fruits & Florals

Remember how in the 90’s when everyone thought it was cool and trendy to put slices of citrus fruit in clear vases with flowers, well our dear friends, thankfully that trend is truly over but there is a new tutti fruiti trend popping up on the wedding market.

Now we are seeing the use of fresh fruit in some stunning, wedding floral arrangements. Fruits are being used in large, statement arrangements, table arrangements, floral garlands and even bridal bouquets.

We often meet brides that want their flowers to be a little more edgy, natural yet trendy, or brides that want whites and greens with a little something different. Well we say to you, be bold, use the fruits of nature to bring a pop of colour into your wedding flowers. Coming into these hotter summer months we love seeing the tropical bursts of baby pineapples or the bright pop of orange from a branch of cumquats.

Or better yet, use fruit to compliment the darker tones of your winter wedding. Use bunches of grapes, artichoke flowers, figs or dark berries. It will give an organically wild twist to your wedding flowers and it will wow your guests.

So don’t be afraid to ask your florist for a combination of fruits and florals on your special day.

All images from our Pinterest.

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