Wedding Lighting

The lighting at your wedding sets the atmosphere at the venue. Lighting can transform any venue and begin to set the tone and overall theme.

At Honey Lane we LOVE lots of candles, scattered around the venue to create a romantic ambiance. We love the look of candles standing at different heights, being slightly different shapes and being placed in different styles of jars. We often style candles at weddings in this mix-match style and we arrange them to be cluttered together or slightly spaced out to give the venue an organic, romantic lighting.

Jars of tea lights can also be used as hanging lighting. Their floating glow gives a venue rustic, mood lighting. They look spectacular hanging from trees in the outdoors or dropping down from the ceiling at an indoor venue.

Festoon lighting is highly on trend right now and rightly so because this lighting it’s so adaptable to different wedding styles. It can tie in with a rustic, woodlands or a contemporary styled wedding. Festoon lighting looks amazing when used outdoors by the ocean or to create a canopy of lighting at an outdoor reception but it also suits an indoor reception when they’re draped elegantly across the room.

White lanterns are ideal for a beachside or outdoor venue. Lanterns give a fresh approach to a venue as they illuminate bright, white lighting. They are bold yet simple in design and look beautiful when they light up in a dark space.

Fairy lights behold an ethereal essence. They create a mystical atmosphere with their soft lighting and look stunning wrapped around structures such as trees or beams. We love seeing fairy lights being used in outdoor reception spaces that have either a woodlands or bohemian theme.

At Honey Lane, we LOVE floral installations and they have been trending in weddings for a couple of years now but since 2014 us Honey Laners have noticed that drop pendant lighting has not only been appearing in floral installations but as ceiling features themselves. We have started collecting some drop lighting in different styles, click on the hire section of our website to see some of our drop dependent lighting and Moroccan dropped tea lighting to add some unique and contemporary lighting trends to your wedding.

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