A Wedding With A View

Amanda and Phil came to us just 4 weeks before their wedding day...yes, 4 weeks! They had planned on a low key celebration at her sister's gorgeous home in Mosman. However it seemed as though they had taken 'low key' a little too far realising 4 weeks out that they still had a lot to arrange! So we jumped straight in prese ting them with a style proposal, sourcing a florist, as well as entertainment! As the house had a spectacular view of Balmoral beach and the heads, we kept the styling simple but elegant.

Styling and Signs by Honey Lane

Photography by Sheridan Nilsson

Florals by Blossom and Willow


Amanda.Phil.0609 (Copy).JPG

Amanda.Phil.0009 (Copy).JPG

Amanda.Phil.0020 (Copy).JPG

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